The Rotator® Pivot Sprinkler
Nelson is leveraging recent progress in design and manufacturing technology to produce plates with complicated and advanced geometries. The result of these advances is the Rotator®, the world’s premier pivot sprinkler, featuring the widest throw on drops and highest uniformity. It operates on a proven, patented drive principle with an economic design that features only one moving part. Expect the highest levels of reliability and long wear life, even under tough field conditions.


    3NV OR 3TN




    10-50 psi (.7-3.4 bar)


    58-74' (17.7-22.6 m)

Modularity & Flexibility

Greater throw radius

The Rotator® features the greatest throw distance available on drop tubes. As rotating-type sprinklers the R3000 and R3030 produce a wider pattern resulting in a lower application rate, reduced runoff and longer soak time.

Higher uniformity

The Rotator greatly improves uniformity because of the increased overlap from adjacent sprinklers. It also contributes to reduced wind drift and evaporative loss. The R3000 and R3030 more than meets the challenge of putting a rotating type sprinkler on drop tubes, down out of the wind to minimize wind drift and evaporative loss.

Versatile modular design

Because no one sprinkler is right for all conditions, Nelson Pivot Sprinklers feature modular design components which are easily changed with a simple push and turn. You may want to start out the season with one configuration and change to a different one later.

R3000 with 3TN nozzle

Advanced Plate Design

The plates of the Rotator® are specifically
engineered for high performance.

D6-12° Red

White #10749

Up-Top U4-8°
Blue #8817

Brown #10681

D4-8° Green

Orange #10598

Olive #12360

The Up-Top Blue Plate for the Rotator® utilizes 4 low-trajectory streams for excellent coverage and wind-fighting ability at higher pressures.

The Up-Top White Plate for the Rotator® features multi-trajectory streams for superior performance above the canopy with the added benefit of fitting into a lower pressure range.

The Green Plate for the Rotator® utilizes 4 low-trajectory streams for maximum coverage and wind-fighting ability across a wide pressure range.

The Red Plate for the Rotator® features 6 streams with low stream height for greater droplet breakup and the benefit of a gentle application with uniform coverage.

The premiere plate for tall growing crops like corn – the Orange Plate for the Rotator® features outstanding performance with multi-trajectory, highly-engineered streams. The streams penetrate the canopy and provide maximum coverage with high uniformity.

The premiere plate for low-growing, high-value crops such as potatoes – the Brown Plate for the Rotator® utilizes 10 multi-trajectory streams that provide maximum uniformity and superior performance.

The Olive multi-trajectory plate is designed to maintain high uniformity at lower pressures (10-15psi / 0.7-1.0 bar) than other Rotator® configurations are able to offer.

Sprinkler Irrigation Uniformity is how evenly a set of sprinklers delivers water over the soil within the sprinkler’s effective throw diameters. The higher the uniformity, the more even the water application is, and results in all of the plants receiving very similar amounts of water. Lower uniformity numbers create more areas which are too wet or too dry.

Consideration of a sprinkler’s throw diameter is essential. The larger the throw diameter, the lower the application rate at a given flow, insuring less runoff and lower erosion rates. A good design will match the application rate of the sprinkler with the infiltration rate of the soil. The throw diameter is also critical in determining spacing requirements. Generally, sprinklers need to overlap 150% to assure uniform application. Additional overlap can help raise uniformity further.

Stream height is the peak height above the sprinkler of the major droplets emitted from a level sprinkler under no wind conditions. Higher stream heights are effective for achieving longer throw diameters but can suffer from evaporation loss and distortion in areas of windy conditions. Higher stream heights require mounting height considerations to avoid issues with structure interference. Lower stream heights are more effective in delivering water in windy conditions with less evaporation loss but sacrifice effective throw diameters.

A note about stream height and upmount plates:

Up-Top sprinklers are intended to be mounted on top of a pivot. Stream height is variable depending on pivot height, so no specific stream height data is shown here.

Uniformity values indicate the lowest predicted Christiansen's Uniformity, CU, at any spacing within Nelson Irrigation Corporation’s recommended limits of the sprinkler at the indicated crop clearance. High values indicate that the product can be used with relative safety throughout the spacing range. Application of the product in conditions for which the tabulated values are lower may require additional analysis to determine the most advantageous spacing. Nelson Irrigation Corporation makes no representation regarding droplet conditions, uniformity, or application rate. Height values shown indicate the maximum height of major droplets emitted from a level sprinkler under no wind conditions. Sprinklers should be mounted at least this far below the pivot structure to minimize wetting of the structure, but they may be mounted slightly higher without significantly affecting the sprinkler pattern. Nelson Irrigation Corporation makes no representation regarding droplet conditions, uniformity, or application rate. Stated throw performance at nozzle pressure. Tested at 1250 feet above sea level. Sprinkler performance data have been obtained under ideal test conditions and may be adversely affected by wind, poor hydraulic entrance conditions, or other factors. Nelson Irrigation Corporation makes no representation regarding droplet conditions, uniformity, or application rate.

Nelson Irrigation Products and Accessories are warranted for one year from the date of original sale to be free of defective materials and workmanship when used within the working specifications for which the product was designed and under normal use and service. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for installation, removal or unauthorized repair of defective parts and the manufacturer will not be liable for any crop or other consequential damages resulting from any defects or breach of warranty. This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including the warranties of merchantabilty and fitness for particular purposes and of all other obligations or liabilities of manufacturer. No agent, employee or representative of the manufacturer has authority to waive, alter or add to the provisions of this warranty nor to make any representations or warranty not contained herein.

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