The MP Rotator
Family of Sprinklers
Provides the
Ideal 4’-30’ Solution

The MP Rotator® is a revolutionary sprinkler that sets a new standard for water efficiency in the turf and landscape industry.




The MP Rotator’s multi-trajectory, rotating streams apply water much more slowly and uniformly than conventional sprays and rotors — especially after arc and radius adjustment. On slopes and clay-like soils, this allows the water to soak into the landscape instead of running off and being wasted. In fact, independent water audits have shown potential water savings of up to 30% when conventional sprays are replaced with MP Rotator sprinklers. Additional water-saving advantages include better wind-resistance, less misting and the ability to handle reclaimed water.

Compared to fixed-arc sprays and rotors, MP Rotators deliver significant performance advantages, great design flexibility and impressive cost savings. Any of the MP Rotator models can be combined on the same zone and maintain a matched precipitation
rate — even after arc and radius adjustment. On existing systems, the MP Rotator’s unique combination of low flow and high uniformity
makes it possible to solve spray head coverage problems — whether the problem is low pressure, too many spray heads on a line or “stretched” spacing.