Rotator® Sprinklers
Offer Many Solutions to
Meet Your Tree and Vine
Irrigation Needs

The revolutionary technology behind Nelson’s Rotator® Sprinklers provides more uniform water distribution patterns, better reliability, eliminates riser vibration, reduces application rates, and lowers costs and maintenance. Nelon's Rotator® Sprinklers are the best solution for orchard irrigation.




Full Coverage Orchard Irrigation — made possible with Rotator® Technology — promotes optimal growing conditions for both trees and vines. Plant stress is reduced during periods of heat or harvest, complimentary cover crops can be established, cooling and dust suppression is made possible, and chemical/fertilizer applications are more effective. 

With the evolution of the Rotator® family — there has also been the development of a number of different Feedtube Assemblies, providing a multitude of mounting options. With the Acme Adapter — the 1/2" series Mini Regulator, Mini Regulator Drain Check, or Mini Drain Check may be included depending specific needs.

Tie the system together with control valves and the Nelson Control System for convenient system automation. Nelson products are key to creating premier orchard irrigation systems.