Irrigating Soybeans

for Irrigating

Several methods exist for irrigating soybeans, including mechanized irrigation (Center Pivots), hard hose travelers, and Solid Set irrigation. Nelson 3000 Series Pivot products offer the best means of matching your crop requirements, soil types, topography, water quality and other variables to maximize your yield potential.



One constant in agriculture is that you improve your yield by applying water when your soybeans need it and in a manner that reduces surface sealing and runoff. The Nelson family of products will satisfy your specific GeoCropical® considerations.

The design of your system may include other Nelson products including the Big Gun® Family for traveling hard hose systems, the R33 and R2000WF for Solid Set applications, and our full line of control valves. Your local Nelson dealer can provide expert design assistance to make best use of your system while lowering your energy costs and improving your return on investment.