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Nelson Irrigation

Order Entry & Customer Service

Phone: 509-525-7660
Direct Line: 800-405-1400

Domestic OEM Manager

Dick Schisler

Direct Line: 509-524-7429

California, Arizona, Nevada

Craig Stafford

Phone: 209-604-5307
Direct Line: 408-358-4183

Central Valley California

Jim King

Direct Line: 559-470-4038

West & Midwest U.S.

Gene Ross

Phone: 402-719-4255
Direct Line: 509-524-0378

South Central and Southwest

Jason Hester

Phone: 806-549-2141

Rotator Product Manager

John Rowley

Phone: 509-520-0031
Direct Line: 509-524-7419

Western Washington, Western Oregon, Upper Midwest, New England, BC/MB Canada

Steve McCoon

Phone: 509-520-0035
Direct Line: 509-524-7449

Midwest & Southeast U.S.

Scott Harn

Phone: 309-338-8546
Direct Line: 509-524-7476

Phone: 509-520-0038
Direct Line: 509-524-7467

Intermountain States, Canada

Don Zimmerman

Direct Line: 509-524-7489

Mexico, Latin & South America

Graham Hutchinson

Direct Line: 509- 524-7481
Skype: graham481

Middle East & Africa

David Bedingfeld

Phone: +61 418748713
Skype: david.bedingfeld

Mississippi Delta Region & Surrounding Areas

Clark Bauer

Phone: 308-830-9555

Europe, the Middle East, Africa

Tim Reardon

Phone: 509-524-7242
Direct Line: 509-540-1247
Skype: t.reardon.ww

Chile, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay

Ignacio del Campo

Phone: +56 (9) 6569-9760

International OEM

Nelson Irrigation

Phone: 509-525-7660

Australia, Asia

Nelson Australia

Phone: +617 3715 8555


Nelson Irrigação

Phone: +55 19 3806.5987

Nelson Irrigation Corporation

848 Airport Road
Walla Walla, WA 99362-2271
Phone: 509-525-7660
Fax: 509-525-7907

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Nelson Irrigation Australia is a leading Australian distributor of technically advanced irrigation equipment. The combination of superior products and extensive industry knowledge, allows Nelson to provide the
best possible irrigation solutions. This proudly builds on Nelson’s reputation for providing efficient, sustainable and dependable irrigation equipment to the Asia Pacific market.

Nelson Irrigation Corporation of Australia Pty. Ltd.

QLD, 4073 Australia

P.O. Box 3530
Mt Ommaney QLD 4074

Phone: 1300 856 368
or +61 7 3715 8555

Fax 1300 856 369
or +61 7 3715 8666